Before we dive into the details of “online roulette, I’d like to mention its layman’s definition. Online roulette Singapore can range from virtual poker to sports betting. It can be either legal or illegal. I will try to make this piece sound more like a conversation for the convenience of people who don’t like reading long boring informative pieces, let’s go !

Legal gambling:

Legal gambling is a prominent source of fun in the United Nations. Although, the people of other countries can also access the same. Suppose you are a resident of India and you want to gamble online to test your luck, you can easily access online roulette sites or games that accept INR without the fear of prosecution.

Some of the top casino sites in the recent times are

  1. Wild Casino
  2. Bovado casino
  3.  Las atlantis

Illegal gambling:

Illegal gambling can be often accessed on the shady parts of the internet. Here I am talking about the hidden dark part of the internet where people do not visit with good intentions. Those parts comprise the deep and dark web. People can access illegal online roulette sites through browsers such as Tor browsers. These sites will keep the person untraceable and they can indulge in these illegal kinds of stuff which includes illegal online roulette. They can even bet on humans, that’s how far the inhuman activities can be witnessed. Hence, it’s best to stay out of it for one’s safety because today you might be a participant watching the game, tomorrow you might be the next victim! The hackers and owners of such sites show no mercy to any person, especially if you are not a tech genius.

Cons of online roulette:

Most of the sites on the surface web are safe to use and can help you earn some extra bucks.

As attractive as it sounds it also involves a lot of risks and might change into a fateful addiction. Many people lose all their possessions under gambling and end up being depressed and suicidal due to the debt on their shoulders. Gambling has the highest suicide rate among all addictions – as stated on Google during the suicide prevention week.

Gambling has its own ups and downs. It’s a game of luck and as we all know luck won’t be at our side at all times. Life may go through a series of storms. At times you might be on top of the world and on the other hand, you might be left with tattered clothes. Are you going to give it a shot?

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