The National Association of Attorneys General Card Constitution

Card constitution. What is a card constitution? This is simply the constitution of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY of Northern Bahr el Ghazal (South) Sudan.

This document has been approved at a special plenum session of their General Conference on December 13, 2021. There is now Consultative Commissions that will be formed to prepare. The draft text and eventually for the first reading of this new constitution. This means that there will be two conferences before final approval and signing of this text.

The draft card constitution is still in the writing phase. Many if not all of its proposals have not been thoroughly evaluated and are in the process of revision and further discussion. However, the basic structure of this constitution has already been approved. One thing is for sure; the draft card constitution is being prepared because it is seen as a must have by all factions within the South Korean politics.

The fact that it can only be drafted with the endorsement of various factions within the South Korean politics, shows that this constitution is now seen as the need of the hour. One can readily draw comparisons between this constitution and that of Thailand’s National Civic Assembly (NCA). The former uses a proportional system of electing representatives to the National Assembly whereas the latter uses an absolute system of electing members of its legislature. 

In reviewing this constitution, one cannot fail to note the institutional structure built into the constitution. This includes the presence of separate Houses of Parliament for each of South Korea’s constituent parts. Each of these Houses of Parliament has the power to enact laws and pass laws within its jurisdiction.

Another prominent feature of this constitution is that the House of Representatives and the Senate are exclusively comprised of members of political parties. They are elected for six years and must be re-elected every two years. In this way, the system of direct democracy is instituted in South Korea.

The National Association of Attorneys

The NCA constitution was approved in July 2021 after it was approved by majority in the National Assembly poker. Like the South Korean constitution, the NCA also was approved by majority in the National People’s Congress. In addition, the NCA made amendments to the existing Basic Law. However, revisions to the Basic Law were not brought about by the NCA, but were brought about by the people themselves through a plebiscite.

What makes the Card constitution different from the other constitutional assemblies around the world is that it has been the focus of negative attention from the international media, particularly the Financial Times of London.

The Card constitution was seen as a move towards direct democracy and an attempt to give the power to the people rather than the government. Critics claimed that this would amount to a form of neo-imperative where power is given away from the people to the government in order to make decisions for them.

Other critics saw this as a move towards an autocratic government, which they claimed would erode the values of liberalism that the country is known for. There have been calls for the liberalization of political parties in the country and for greater limits on executive powers of government.

There are some positive aspects of the Card constitution. It is one of a kind, as only two other countries, Bhutan and Mongolia, have managed to create their own constitution. Additionally, the constitution covers a wide range of social issues that are crucial to the long term survival of a country.

For instance, the constitution protects the environment from environmental degradation and pollution, promotes gender equality, and ensures that the basic social welfare systems are provided for. These things are vital to the interests of many citizens who live in a country with limited resources. However, these ideals may seem far fetched to some.

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